The Green Schools rubric is the heart of the program. The criteria in the rubric help to level the playing field for all schools – elementary, middle, and high, and public and private.

The rubric is based on a 100-point system, where the maximum number of points for all six categories is 104 points (schools can earn up to 4 bonus points from judges for taking innovative approaches to initiatives throughout the rubric). A school’s ultimate goal under each indicator should be school-wide involvement and student leadership.

The number of points that schools earn on their applications determines their recognition levels: Green School of Promise (40-59 points), Quality (60-79 points), or Excellence (80-100 points). 

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR:  The Green Schools Recognition Program has adapted our application and recognition process this year to acknowledge the significant challenges that teachers and schools are facing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Participating schools will be able to extend their current 2020 recognition status for an additional year through the 2020-21 school year by submitting a brief report form in place of the standard GSRP application.

Schools should continue to use the categories and indicators of the 2019-20 GSRP Rubric as a guide to plan, implement, and report on their green activities. Please see below for an overview of rubric categories & indicators and to download the most recent GSRP rubric for essential guidance. Keep in mind, however, that reports will not be evaluated according to the rubric's 104-point system this year but on the basis of their completion. Please see How to Apply for more details.   

Download the FULL GSRP Rubric

 For more information about the Green Schools Recognition Program, please contact Lauren Butcher at or (561) 686-6600.