The Green Schools Recognition Program (GSRP) is adapting our application and recognition process this year to acknowledge the significant challenges that teachers and schools are facing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have replaced our standard (extensive!) GSRP Application with a brief status report form this year. All current GSRP Green Schools will be able to extend their 2019-20 recognition status through the 2020-21 school year by submitting this form. 

NOTE: The 2020-21 Green Schools Status Report is a Google form. It does not allow respondents to save and return to the form once they begin. We strongly encourage schools to download and use the Green Schools Planning Guide (below) to prepare and save your responses in advance.  

2020-21 Green Schools Planning Guide - DOWNLOAD/READ ME FIRST!

2020-21 Green Schools Status Report (Due: March 5, 2021)

The report form allows you to use simple check boxes to indicate any new or ongoing green activities and lessons you are implementing at your school this year. Schools should continue to use the categories/indicators of the GSRP Rubric as a guide. Keep in mind, however, that reports will not be evaluated according to the rubric's point system. Instead, they will be evaluated on the basis of whether schools have completed the form's basic requirements.

The components of the 2021 GSRP Report Form are: 

1) Use check boxes to indicate any new or ongoing green activities this year in each rubric section.

2) Briefly describe six (6) new or ongoing green initiatives at your school this year, one per rubric category (required)

3) Provide six (6) photos representing your school's green initiatives this year, one per rubric category (required)

That's it! Just six initiatives and six photos to meet the minimum requirements! By completing them, your school will be able to do two things: extend its status as a Green School through 2021 - and become eligible to apply for a host of exclusive Green Schools mini-grants this spring.

Report forms are due by March 5, 2021

New to Green Schools? Please contact us directly to find out how your school can participate and earn recognition this year! 

 For more information about the Green Schools Recognition Program, please contact Lauren Butcher at or (561) 686-6600.