Who is eligible?

All public and private schools in Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

What are the benefits?

  • Visibility as a model for sustainability in your community and among Palm Beach and Martin County schools
  • Over $19,000 in awards and mini-grants distributed annually to recognized Green Schools
  • Exclusive mini-grant opportunities
  • Certificates & digital logos for all recognized Green Schools
  • Media recognition

What are the levels of Green School recognition?

The goal of this program is to recognize schools that have made efforts to create a culture of sustainability within their school environments. Each year, schools are judged in six categories and awarded points based on the Green Schools Recognition Program Rubric. Our program is based on the belief that going green is a journey, and that all green strides should be celebrated. To reflect this, there are three levels of recognition for a Green School:

  • School of Promise: A school that has scored 40-59 points and is taking the beginning steps to improve sustainability.
  • School of Quality: A school that has scored 60-79 points and is taking active strides in improving and maintaining sustainable practices.
  • School of Excellence: A school that has scored 80-100 points and shows the highest level of commitment to sustainability.

How can my school apply?

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR:   We have adapted our application and recognition process this year in acknowledgement of the significant challenges schools are facing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This year, current Green Schools will have the opportunity to extend their 2019-20 recognition status through the 2020-21 school year by submitting a brief status report in place of the standard GSRP application. The 2021 status report form includes the following components:

  • Checkboxes to indicate any green activities implemented this year
  • Brief descriptions of six green activities this year, one per GSRP rubric category (required)
  • Six photos representing green activities, one per GSRP rubric category (required)

For more information about updates to the recognition process for both current and new schools this year, please see How To Apply.

When is this year's status report due?

This year's new 2021 GSRP status report is due by FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 2021. 

When will recognition be announced?

All schools will be notified of their recognition status by late March 2021.

Where can my school get help?

For information about how your school can become a Green School, please contact us!

 For more information about the Green Schools Recognition Program, please contact Lauren Butcher at lbutcher2013@fau.edu or (561) 686-6600.